ISO Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container

Posted by JODI GRAY in Bentonite | Cement Powder | Fly Ash | Lime | 22nd Nov 2016

ISO Dry Bulk Powder Tank ContainerISO Dry Bulk Powder Tank PipeworkISO Dry Bulk Powder Tank Container ManlidISO Dry Bulk Powder Tank Discharge Pipe

The SCF ISO dry bulk powder tank container features an internal pressurisation and pneumatic load system allowing products such as cement powder, lime and fly ash to be transported by road, rail or sea.

As well as delivering considerable cost savings to supply chains, the ISO dry bulk powder tank container is fully compliant with Australian Standards and Work Safe.

Features include;

  • compliant with AS1210, ISO, TIR, TCT and all other applicable standards
  • Work Safe design registered
  • lease period includes Work Safe plant registration
  • dual safety pressure relief valves
  • internal pressure equalisation
  • bottom pressure load
  • fully ground operated
  • exceptional discharge flow rates
  • unit can be used for either transport or onsite storage
  • temperature range -19 to +50 degrees C
  • can be loaded from a tanker truck with a ground pressure load feature
  • domestic and international specifications available

Short or long term hire and sale options.

ISO dry bulk powder tank container fact sheets can be found here.

Watch our video highlighting the features of our GEN4 ISO dry bulk powder tank container here.

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