ISO Acid Tank Container

Posted by JODI GRAY in Chemical Class 8 | Sulphuric Acid | 22nd Nov 2016

ISO Acid Tank ContainerISO Acid Tank Container Gantry and Bolted ManlidISO Acid Tank Container Top Fill Inlet and Pressure Release Valve

ISO acid tank containers provide a fully intermodal option for the transport of class 8 corrosive cargos on road, rail and sea maintaining full compliance to the ADG07 (Australian Dangerous Goods code 07).

All ISO acid tank containers are inspected by independent third party surveyors and a cleaning certificate and inspection and compliance certificate are issued on hire. This enables our customers' to maintain compliance with chain of responsibility.

Features include;

  • fully compliant with ISO, IMO and IMDG standards
  • full internal lined tanks with lining matched to cargo
  • bursting disk
  • top loading and discharge tanks available for specific hazardous goods available
  • supplied in current survey
  • cleaned and issued with a Marine Grade Cleaning Certificate
  • tank sizes from 14,000L to 24,000L to match cargo requirements
  • bolted manlids available
  • modifications available
  • static storage options available
  • bottom and top discharge styles available
  • gantry platforms compliant with AS1957 available
  • vacuum relief valves available
  • triple closure on all bottom discharge valves (as per cargo requirement where allowable under ADG07)
  • 3" BSP or Camlock fittings available (depending on cargo)
  • stainless steel shell within an ISO frame that is suitable for gantry crane straddle lifting and side loader transport

Short or long term hire and sale options.

ISO acid tank fact sheets are available here.

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