Frac Storage Tank

Posted by JODI GRAY in Drilling Fluids | Liquid | Waste | Water | 22nd Nov 2016

Frac Tank for water treatment and chemical storageFrac Tank for water treatment and chemical storageFrac Tank 500mm hatchesFrac Tank Central Valve on front and rearFrac Tank AS1657 compliant stairs

The SCF Frac storage tank is used throughout the oil and gas industry for onsite storage in the water treatment and chemical storage sectors.

Each Frac tank is designed to allow for the production of a base model with cost effective modifications for specific requirements.

Features include;

  • skid mounted with bumpers for cost effective long distance mobilisation
  • wheeled trailer tanks for fast mobilisation and de-mobilisation
  • hook truck compatible
  • 600mm side access to improved cleaning and OHS compliance
  • 2 x 500mm hatches in the roof
  • sump for full evacuation
  • easily scalable with 8" manifolds and multiple 4" couplings to form tank farms from 80,000L to 1,000,000L
  • AS1657 compliant stairs
  • mounting points for agitators and Gunn lines
  • central valve on front and rear to allow for operation from either end
  • designed for temperatures between -19 and +120 degrees (celcius)
  • linings for all HAZ chemicals available
  • DNV heli-lift capable units available
  • brine and mud mixing units available
  • sediment separation units available

Short or long term hire and sale options.

Frac tank fact sheets are available here.

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